Update and Clarification on Land Use Change Proposed for Harding/Trousdale Area

Last week I posted about a proposed change to land use policy that will help encourage commercial rezonings and development around the Harding/Trousdale intersection for years to come. I’d like to share an update, a clarification, and more of my thoughts.

First, I encourage everyone that cares about what this area will look like in the decades to come to attend the virtual community meeting tonight at 6:00 pm. Information on the meeting can be found here. The neighborhood where the proposed community plan change …

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Metro Council Member Sponsoring Land Use Change to Property Council Member Owns and Is Operating as Business in Residential Area

***An update, a clarification, and more of my thoughts on this***

I’d like to share some information about a Metro Council member who is sponsoring a very consequential community plan change (a step that could lead to zoning changes for years to come) that includes property she owns and has been running a business out of for several years.

(I apologize for any typos, errors, or formatting issues. I’ve thrown this together quickly to the best of my abilities. Click on a picture to view …

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