Why I’m Running for Re-election

A city like Nashville can be great only if there is an emphasis on supporting neighborhoods and the people that live and work in them.  I am running for city council because I want to help the neighborhoods, residents and businesses in District 26 get their needs met – such as better roads and traffic, improving public safety, and ensuring growth is done wisely.

Working to make governments work for its citizens has been my career and passion, and I bring a unique combination of skills and experiences that I want to put to work for my neighbors. I’ve spent my professional career on transportation, utility, infrastructure, and governance policy at the state and in countless local governments across Tennessee. I’ve made significant progress in making changes in Metro, and I want to continue that work. I understand where Nashville is as a city right now, how my neighbors and many Nashvillians view the city and the changes they want, and what can be done to accomplish those changes. During my career, I’ve worked for and with Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, on big ideas and small ideas. It’s the responsibility of leaders to work together, put personal issues aside, and get to work for the city. I’ve done that the past four years, and I want to continue to do that. Most of all, I want to continue to listen to my neighbors and constituents so I can be their voice to Metro government.

Experienced Leader That Gets Things Done

  • Sixteen years working in state government on transportation policy, helping city governments find solutions to tough infrastructure problems, and being an independent leader on the Metro Council

Invest in Schools, Safety, and Sidewalks

  • Focus on the priorities we want in our city – improving our schools, higher paid and better-equipped police officers and firefighters, and more sidewalks in our neighborhood

Deal with Traffic and Growth

  • To stay the city we all love to live in, Metro has to stop falling behind and must deal with traffic congestion and the effects of Nashville’s growth

Protecting Our Neighborhoods

  • My first priority is protecting our neighborhoods to make them safer places to live and raise our families

Listening to My Neighbors

  • You can always contact me – phone call, text, email or message – me anytime about anything

For the past four years, it’s been the biggest professional honor of my life to represent my neighbors on the Metro Council. My priority has always been to give the most service to my constituents that I can be, and to always listen to them. Representing my neighbors and making Metro work for them is a personal passion of mine. I want a second and final term on the council to continue the work I’ve done already, and to work on the changes necessary to make our city and neighborhoods better.

The neighborhoods of District 26 are great places to raise a family, and I will work to make them even better.  With a commitment to always listen to my neighbors and their concerns, I would be honored and humbled to continue to serve the community I’m proud to call home.

If you would like more information on an issue important to you, please contact me and I’d love to discuss it with you.